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825 W. Franklin  (360) 280-3057

​MISSION   Increasing Science and Math Literacy in our Community

Believe you can, Commit to the work, Act to make it happen.


We Believe all learners can achieve their learning goals.

We Commit to a partnership for success.

We Act to help you achieve your goals.


Whether you need some extra help with school work, are homeschooling and want science classes for your child, planning to return to college or make a career change, the SCI Center at Keystone is dedicated to providing educational services and community activities that will engage, support and encourage interest in all types of science and math. 


The SCI Center offers private and small group tutoring and a variety of workshops and classes throughout the year. The Center has fun, interesting, hands-on experiences for all ages.


Check out our class offerings, tutoring and workshop pages (link below) for more information, class descriptions and schedules.



Need a little extra help in science or math?

Our services are available based on your schedule.

Taught by National Board and State certified, experienced teacher, we foster an environment of support to help you achieve your academic goals.

Check out our tutoring page for more information.


Fun, hands-on science classes with a variety of topics.

Check out our classes page for information, schedules, costs and to register.


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