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Need a little extra help with your science or math class?

Studying for your SAT, PSAT, or Compass Exam?

Been out of school a while and want to return in confidence?

We can help. 

We offer drop-in homework help, as well as private, one-on-one and small group tutoring for all ages and abilities - specializing in:


SCIENCES: life science, biology, AP Biology, physical science, chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, physics, general science, etc.


MATH: K-12, elem. math, pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, etc.

                    and comprehensive math for college entrance.


Reading, writing and study skills.

Contact Us:

(360) 280-3057

"Michelle helped me study for college chemistry and I felt much more confident for the exams and subject material. I have kept my grades very strong making it a very enjoyable and stress-free semester and earning top grades."

Our fees range from:  $10 for drop in homework help to $20 per session for private tutoring.


"Knowledgable, Patience, Communities very well.  Michelle shows alot of patience and allows Ryan to work his way through the lesson. We appreciate the way she teaches our son."

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“Michelle is a fabulous and personable teacher who works with my child’s strengths, makes learning fun and light-hearted while still getting the content across, and allows my child to work at her own pace – whether it be fast or slow. One week, five math lessons may get completed in an hour, and the next week, barely one. But both times, there is always laughter during the learning process! Michelle is a trust worthy and dedicated teacher who has vast experience with a wide variety of learning styles. As a homeschool parent educator, there are very few teachers that I trust to understand my child and her learning style. Michelle is one of them, and I recommend her unconditionally!”

We are open for drop-in help when you need it. Call to set up an appointment. Come by once in a while or weekly. $10 per visit or buy a 6 visit punch card for $50.

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