Science & Math Co-op

2021-2022 class offerings

ABOUT OUR CLASSES:  Which classes are actually taught in the fall is based on registration. We must have a minimum of 4 students for any class. Classes are designed to cover a full-year equivalent course in 4 sessions running 8-10 weeks per session. Depending on the class and your learning goals, you may be able to join for a portion of the class.  All materials will be provided. 


Get an Introduction to Chemistry in this lab based science class. Take it for the experience or for high school credit.


We will learn fundamental principles important in understanding chemistry. Each session includes direct instruction for concepts studied at home and a lab associated with the ideas we are learning.


This class is designed with the same content and rigor as a high school chemistry class. Past students have been awarded high school credit for taking this class.

(please note: learning chemistry at this level requires  study at home and proficiency in Algebra)

New this year


Biology is the study of the life around us. This lab and activity loaded class will take us on a journey from molecules to organisms.

In this general Biology class, we'll study the interdependence and interconnections of ecosystems, see how our DNA determines our traits and constructs the proteins that are uniquely us, delve into the inner-workings of cells and see how our knowledge applies to the world around us . 


Depending on the desire/goals of the group, this class could be taught at an AP level and students could be prepared to take the AP Biology exam.


E=MC2? Learn what it really means in this lab-based, hands-on class.

We'll discover how the world around us operates by exploring the unseen: energy, forces and motion. 

We'll also apply what we learn by seeing how the principals of physics are used in engineering and design.

This class is an Algebra-based Physics class appropriate for high school students.

Option: Depending on the goals of the class, this course lends itself well to creating a team and developing projects for the annual Imagine Tomorrow challenge competition held in May at WSU.


Math Clinic

This is a drop-in math clinic. Come every week for help with your math curriculum or only once in a while as needed. 

Help is available with all levels of Math from elementary through Geometry and Algebra 2.

Everything is Science

A general introductory science class for students ages 11-13. 

This hands-on activity and lab based class is designed for middle-school aged students. 

It explores the basics by providing an introduction to chemistry, biology and physics. Students will have fun while learning when they are challenged to design engineering solutions to problems using the physics they are learning.  We'll also discover a little of the living world around us both the microscopic and the macroscopic. Plus we'll transform pennies into gold as we get our hands on chemistry.

Not offered this year

Small Title

Not offered this year

Not offered this year