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SCI Center workshops 


Here's a list of our upcoming classes and workshops. Register now! Space is limited.

Math brush-up

Get Ready for School

Start your year confident with your math skills! 

This workshop will focus on you - personalized help in strengthening math skills for success in per-Algebra, Algebra I or Geometry.


Mon. - Fri. 

Aug. 26-30

10-11 am

$50 per student

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Meet the Teacher!

new this year


Math Clinic

      Drop-in help as you need it. Come every week or only as needed. Help for all levels of math from elementary through high school Geometry and Algebra 2.

         Science co-ops

ages 15-18 yrs.

Whether you want a challenging science class for your homeschool studies, or you want to earn credit through the local high school or program like Oasis, these lab and activity-based science classes fit the bill. We will learn fundamental principles important in understanding biology, physics and chemistry. Real science classes, really interesting, for real fun in learning. Taught by a WA State and National Board Certified high school science teacher.

Sept. - June

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